I’m on a roll

Facebook, ye do something for me, but still there is an itch.

Light and airy, polite, smiley – these are some of my feelings about good ole FB. But yet on the other hand a great way to catch up with people, current and from past connections.

This soul however wanted to go a bit deeper, to muse, to wrestle, to say a bit more than ‘Just got back from getting the oil changed’.

Thus this blog was born. Where the good, the bad and the ugly will be discussed.

Going a bit deeper, expressing a bit more, beneath the surface.
Shallow is ok, but even deeper into other soils is better.
Spade in hand I go digging…

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One Response to I’m on a roll

  1. Andy Bowden says:

    Yep, same here, the more I blog, the less I FB

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