‘You thought I was altogether like you’ – Psalm 50:21

My God is a big God, a very big God. He is totally unlike me.

I read this psalm this morning and it prompted me to reflect on how big and awesome and powerful God is.

Earlier in the psalm, v 10 tells us that every beast of the forest is His, not to mention the cattle on a thousand hills. – That is a very encouraging thought. All the Texas longhorns – He’s got em under watch.

Verse 11 goes on to say that He knows all the birds of the mountain and the wild beasts of the field.’ – awesome – God knows the eagles, lions, tigers and bears – oh my!

Verse 12 keeps rolling and God talks about the hunger thing – Don’t worry He won’t tell us if He is.

But the best part is in verse 15 – where we are exhorted to call on Him in the day of trouble and He will deliver us.

What a promise! What a God! It seems to me that just about every day has some kind of trouble. It may not be big ‘T’ trouble, but trouble nevertheless.

He is so much grander than we are, so much stronger than we are, so much more able to take care of things than we are.

Plus He hasn’t slept a wink in eternity! He is always there, always watching over us. What a God!

A song comes to mind ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands!

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