Oh So You Want To Be A Christian??

Well here’s a set of rules to follow – a list of do’s and don’ts.
– Dress like this…
– Only read ‘this’ kind of Bible
– Don’t do this, this or that…
– And oh, only come to ‘our kind of church’. All the others don’t have it right.

Alternate response – Well great. You have chosen to start a relationship with the most exciting Being in all the universe.

You have opted to take God up on His offer.

You have started a life adventure and a daily walk with the God who loves you so much!
Let me help you along the way.

Obviously the above are two very different ways of looking at being a Christian.

Obviously you can tell I’m not real impressed with the first response and probably exaggerated it – And, oh by the way, some of the things mentioned aren’t actually said, just implied.

I was simply trying to make a point…

What is that point?? Being a Christian is not a set of rules to follow.

Rather it is about having a relationship with Jesus, and walking every day with Him. Now that’s an exciting thought!

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One Response to Oh So You Want To Be A Christian??

  1. Rhoda says:

    I totally agree with you! Relationship is much deeper than rules. Brilliant piece.

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