“Keep Your Heart With All Diligence

For out of it spring the issues of life” – Proverbs 4:23

What a great verse – what an essential choice.

There are lots of things that press against us each day. Things that would like to influence our hearts.

If we are going to be worth anything for God, we need to do some keeping…

Keeping our heart FROM what?

From the lure to give in to temptations of all sorts.

From thinking too highly of ourselves.

We need to keep our hearts FOR a vibrant relationship with the Lord.

How do we do that? Hopefully we have some feel for how we are doing spiritually.

Hopefully the condition of our hearts is soft, moldable and humble.

If our hearts are hardened, proud and self focused, it will be very hard for God to get through to us.

A soft heart towards God confesses sin quickly, repents willingly, receives forgiveness and asks to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Someone with a ‘God tuned heart’ can sense God’s movings, flow in His goodness.

Someone with a ‘God tuned heart’ will have something to offer to the many people we bump into throughout our weeks. People who are searching, empty and in need of comfort, compassion and grace.

So, to keep our hearts with diligence is to keep our hearts ‘God tuned’ so that we can both receive from the Lord and give out to those needing a drink of the spring that Jesus offers –

The spring of living water.

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