An Unexpected Companion – Flexibility

Yes, today was one of those days…

The internet service was down for hours…

And so, what shall I do while I am waiting for it to be restored??

Ah the post office, ah the office work getting ready for Sunday church.

Ah the regular call to check on the internet service repair – with the message being ‘still down’.

Let’s see there is a movie to watch with the family – good, and lunch to eat.

Then a 2nd movie just begun and bingo – the welcome news – service restored.

This sort of thing could have ruined my day. but alas, sigh, it was an opportunity for me to embrace my companion of flexibility.

Some days this companion shadows me closely. Other days it is a far off.

But, I am learning, by the grace of God to give thanks in the middle of it and to make the most of it.

Interesting that I started the day by making freshly squeezed orange juice from oranges.

Why? Well I had plenty of opportunity later on to make lemonaid from some lemons (unplanned changes in a schedule).

Oh well, at least I had internet, and electricity, and 3 square meals today. Others on the planet are being flexible because they haven’t had but one meal in 3 days.

I thank God that my companion of flexibility isn’t so bad after all, in the large scheme of things.

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One Response to An Unexpected Companion – Flexibility

  1. Andy Bowden says:

    Reminds me of Paul… learning to be content in all circumstances, even in ones demanding flexibility.

    By the way, you’ve been a busy writer. I’ll have to come back and catch up soon on all you’ve written.

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