Pelicans, Owls and Sparrows

So is this bird day you ask?

No, actually I was reading Psalm 102 this morning and verses 6 and 7 mention these winged critters.

And, when mentioned, it is in the context of wilderness, deserts and alone-ness.

The best part of the Psalm for me came in verses 12 and following, with the phrase, ‘But You, O Lord”.

To me this shows a big contrast between what was going on in the Psalm up to now and what now is taking place because God is actively involved.

You see, the first part of the Psalm up to verse 12 talks about the troubles of life.

But the phrase in verse 13 ‘You will arise and have mercy’

And in verses 16 and 17 where He shall:
build up, Appear, Regard, and Not Despise reassure me that God is actively involved in my daily goings on.

And then in verses 24 and 27 the phrase ‘your years’ reminds me that God’s time is very different from my time.

Verse 27 tells me that God is the same and that His years have no end.

So I take great hope, that when I feel like a pelican in the wilderness, or an owl in the desert, that actually my God is very much at work, moving and shaping my life.

He is the active, powerful God always at work in my life, whether I notice it or not.

That gives me great hope!

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