P(s)alm Sunday!

What Am I Talking About You May Ask??

Well, in the scheme of things, this Sunday is Palm Sunday.

So, why do I call it P(s)alm Sunday?

Well, as Jesus entered Jerusalem on the colt of the donkey, the people cried out the words of Psalm 118: 25,26:

“Save Now (HOSANNA!) I pray O Lord. O Lord I pray send now prosperity. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

The people recognized that Jesus was the Messiah!
And so they cried out the words of the Psalm that spoke of the Messiah!

So, the word Hosanna is not just some nice religious word invented by song writers in the 20th century.
It meant ‘Save Us’!

If the people had not sung out these words, then the very rocks would have cried them out instead!

Hosanna! Save Now O Lord –
And indeed He took us up on that request – He did save us from our sins (On the cross of Calvary) – only a week after these words were cried out.

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