Two Sure Things – Death and Taxes!

That was the title of my message today.

I talked about life and the necessity of getting things right with the Lord.

I underlined our need to also KEEP things right with the Lord (stay prayed up).

I went on to talk about procrastination and the way we too often put things off.

I asked folks to think of projects or dreams that had yet been putting off and not yet done. I challenged them to prayerfully make plans to accomplish them.

I also challenged folks to be responsible citizens and pay the taxes they are due to pay.

Along with that I challenged the folks to pray for our current legislators to be responsible in handling the expenses and priorities of our nation. (That’s a biggie!)

Plus I underlined our need to pray for responsible politicians who will not gouge the American people, or use our tax money to pay for more government programs that we cannot afford.

I also urged folks to vote for candidates who were financially responsible and who would be good stewards of the tax money that we pay to our government!

God help us!

Death and taxes. Jesus had quite a bit to say about both of them. Two things we cannot avoid, unless the Lord comes again in our lifetime!

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