The Maker’s Diet – Top Healing Foods

The Maker’s Diet, by Dr. Jordan S. Rubin, From pages 145 – 54

Top Healing Foods:
– Fish & fish oil
– Grains – Barley & wheat
– Cultured Dairy from goats, cows and sheep
– Olive oil
– Small fruits (figs, grapes & berries)
– Soups/stocks
– Healthy saturated fats (high vitamin butter, coconut oil)
– Honey
– Pomegranate
– Wild animal foods
– Seeds (soaked & sprouted)
– Omega-3 eggs
– Cultured/fermented vegetables
– Organ meats (like liver)
– Fermented beverages (like natural ginger ale, kefir)
– Green Vegetables

Link to The Maker’s Diet –

I’ll be talking about this and more on Sunday in my sermon on:
‘Your Eating Habits and Health!’
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