A Leg To Stand On!

This little fellow and about 50 of his buddies were huddled in a parking lot in Washington, NC near the public pier south of town.

It looks like he is a one-legged gull right?
Wrong actually. He was asleep balancing on one leg with his head buried in the feathers on his back and his other leg pulled up under him.

You and I sleep each and every night. We need it, the gull needs it, everybody needs it….except God.

God hasn’t slept a wink in all eternity.
Psalm 121:4 says, “He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”

Stop and think about that.
Our God doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, and isn’t a bit tired or hungry.

We on the other hand get plenty tired and plenty hungry.

I thank God that He watches over us day and night. Not only that but He provides for the needs of critters like this gull.
He knows us, cares for us and provides for our needs too. Praise God!

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