Wanna Go Sailing?

A bunch of people decided to go sailing in 1585 on board 7 ships, from England to the New World.
They ended up in a place called Roanoke Island, North Carolina.

This is a photo of a ship called the Elizabeth II, that looks like one that came across the ocean way back when.

That first attempt at an English settlement was not successful, but it predated the Jamestown settlement by 20 years.

Here’s where I am going with this: Those folks on that ship had a pioneer spirit.
They were willing to go to a new place, try new things and take some major risks.

How about you and me??
Are we pioneers or settlers?
In our day in, day out way of living? How about in our attitude towards our faith?
Are we willing to take risks for Christ or do we want to just do things the ‘safe’ and ‘predictable’ way?

Are we willing to go outside our comfort zone and be a witness?
If the Lord directed us to go to a certain place or do a certain thing or talk to a certain person how would we respond?
It seems to me that we would do best to be ready to GO and take risks and be a pioneer.

Back to Manteo and the ship.
I’m glad that 7 ship loads of pioneers came to these shores, leaving their homes in England.
I’m also glad that others came in 1607 and 1620 and 1776 and 1881 and well you get the idea.

Here’s my bottom line:
Be a pioneer and not a settler!

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