Make Way For the Shrimp Boats!

Why is that?
Because they bring in loads of some of the finest seafood around – Carolina shrimp – caught in the Pamlico Sound!

This photo was taken near Hobucken, NC, on the peninsula between the Pamlico and Neuse Rivers.

A delicious catch? You betcha!
Steam ’em, put in some Old Bay Seasoning, dip ’em in melted butter and voila!

Jesus spent alot of time with fishermen – at least 12 of them for over 3 years.

He knew they went out early in the morning and spent alot of time on the water filling and then emptying their nets with the daily catch.
In Matthew 4:19,20: Jesus said to his newly picked disciples, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men. They immediately left their nets and followed Him.”

How about you and me?
Jesus gives us the same challenge. Follow me and you will have a good catch.

I urge us to say ‘yes Lord’, I sure will follow You.

After we say that, we will start seeing fish (people) that need catching, and lots of them at that.
Get your nets and shrimp boats ready. We’re going to do some fishing!

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