Taming The Charging Rhino!

We get our toes stepped on, our wills crossed, someone cuts us off in traffic, or beats us to the parking space that we planned on.

When this happens, something often rises up inside us, something that is not the Holy Spirit, something we know as anger.

We also call it the ‘fight or flight’ instinct – where adrenalin hits our blood stream and we often become aggressive.

Too often we think that we are always right and that the other guy (gal) is always wrong.
We justify ourselves and automatically blame the other guy.

Sound familiar??

I was like a beast (a charging rhino) – Psalm 73:22

I said in my ‘haste’ – all men are liars – Psalm 116:11

We jump to conclusions and form exaggerated judgments.

We need to deal with and subdue this side of our flesh.

“Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” – James 1: 19,20 –

Too often we have it backwards and want to be slow to hear (we tune people out), quick to speak and quick to anger. Not a good plan.

Put off some things and put on some things (like putting on and taking off the clothes we wear every day) – Colossians 3: 8 – 10, 12

Give it a try, surrender that anger, and tame the charging rhino!

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One Response to Taming The Charging Rhino!

  1. Sara says:

    hmm.. seems my pastor just spoke about this. 🙂

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