Bald and Wet Heads!

‘Twas a rainy afternoon in Sitka, Alaska when I spied these 2 bald eagles.

As you can see they were perched atop a utility pole watching and waiting for that next tasty meal.

As you can also see, their feathers were wet, as it was raining.

This part of Alaska gets LOTS of rain, so I imagine that they often have wet heads.

I found it interesting that they did not fly off as we humans walked beneath them, clicking our cameras.

They are BIG birds and probably not easily intimidated.

Often, when humans are this close to any other bird, they fly off.

If eagles could talk, one wonders what they might say to each other.

Perhaps it was something like:
‘Hey honey, seen any salmon swim by? I sure am hungry.’
Possible response, ‘No dear, you might have to settle for scraps from yon fishing boat’.

Maybe I am the only one who thinks this way, but in any case, it was a pleasure to see these majestic birds and others like them.

Interesting also that all of the eagles I saw were perched and watching.
None were in flight.

I imagine that when they do spy just the right fish or critter, that they then swoop down and grab their catch.

So anyhow, the bald and wet heads, after a shower.

Perhaps that is why this blog writer feels a closeness to those birds…

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2 Responses to Bald and Wet Heads!

  1. Kathy says:

    I love the pictures…and the memories.

  2. Angela Otero says:

    Wow! They’re awesome!

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