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Our church watched a movie this afternoon that I recommend. It was wholesome, a good story, good acting, lots of good themes – and a tear jerker! Themes in the movie included: discipleship, friendship, forgiveness, bullies, boys and girls and … Continue reading

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Eating Spaghetti For A Purpose!

Last night I ate spaghetti with a cause at a local church. The dinner was a fundraiser for a ministry that is helping people in Haiti rebuild their lives after the devastating January, 2010 earthquake. We are offering spaghetti again … Continue reading

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What significance does the word, ‘turned’ have? Well I just read 1 Kings 11 and it describes a sad thing that happened in the life of King Solomon. What sad thing? Well the sad fact that his heart ‘turned’ away … Continue reading

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Middle Verse!

Which one is that? Psalm 118:8, which says, “It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man.” Why do I call this the middle verse? Well because there are an equal number of Bible verses … Continue reading

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2 Swans a Swimming!

On a Lake in Central Virginia… Sorry but I couldn’t find 7 of them, only 2. (The song from the Christmas season has 7). Anyhow, it was a fine sight to behold. These two took turns sticking their heads under … Continue reading

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Fall In The Swamp!

The View To The Southeast The View to the Southwest Don’t really fall in. That would not be a pleasant experience. Especially if you fell into one of those canals filled with green grimey looking water. But, seriously, if you … Continue reading

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Our Father’s Name, Our Father’s Heart

Hi All, Here are notes from the 4th of 4 messages I did on the Orphan Heart theme – I encourage you to check out these Bible passages and be blessed as you read them… __________________________ The importance and meaning … Continue reading

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