What Are You Doing??

If frogs could talk, that’s probably what this little guy would say.

I was power washing the vinyl siding off the back of our kitchen yesterday and this little fellow popped out of his hiding place.

He looked a bit bewildered as the high intensity stream of water sprayed across the siding near him.

He stayed off at the edge, watching to see what I would do and where I would spray next.

I gave him plenty of room, so he was safe and sound.

A 2nd frog popped out of another side of the house and also watched in surprise as I sprayed near his hiding place as well.

I suspect that these frogs hang out near our windows, because at night the bugs are drawn to the lights inside the house, and it is feast time for them.

Oh by the way, this photo was taken by my daughter, Sara…

And, while I’m thinking about it – remember these 4 letters…
F – ully
R – ely
O – n
G -od

A phrase coined by a Christian – a good reminder to keep trusting the Lord!

And, oh by the way, this little green fellow is now the Frogsview blog mascot! – Ribbit!!

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3 Responses to What Are You Doing??

  1. Sara says:

    hey… I recognize the little feller!

  2. bowdenblog says:

    I’m surprised he’s not hibernating yet

  3. Angela Otero says:

    So cute. I love frogs! 🙂 He’ll make a great mascot.

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