I Want One Of Those!

A has-been school bus in an old vehicle yard.

I want one of those kind of buses – you know, the ones with the tree growing under the front hood.

Isn’t it funny how often we want things because we know that someone else has ‘one’? Whatever ‘it’ happens to be – a car, a cell phone, a shirt, shoes, or some other belonging.

In this case, I don’t imagine many people would really want a school bus that is minus an engine or front end, and which has sat in a junk lot for a few years.

Human nature ‘wants’ things.
We think that things will either make us look good, make us feel better, or satisfy some other basic need.

Unfortunately, they don’t really satisfy us.

The one who really satisfies us is the Lord.
He is able to meet our deepest needs unlike anyone else.

In Him we find our ultimate satisfaction!

And so, rather than wanting ‘one of those’, I think I just want the Lord and I want Him badly. Why? Because only He can truly satisfy!

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