Healing for the Orphan Heart

Hi all,

Here are some notes from a recent message I did on this topic. I encourage you to take out your Bible and look up these passages and let God’s Word soak into your hearts…
Setting the tone by looking at some Biblical stories…

1. Mephibosheth – 2 Samuel 4: 4 (The news about Saul and Jonathan was that they had been killed) –

What must have been going on in his heart?

2. Hannah –1 Samuel 1: 1 – 18 – Hannah’s remorse, weeping, sadness – What must have been going on in her heart?

Was it possible that these two people felt varying degrees of: feeling unloved, lonely, rejected, all alone, confused, resigned to their lot in life??

3. What kinds of messages and imprints, scars and wounds has life left on your soul??

4. So here are some questions for you to ponder about your own life –
Please be honest with yourself.
Do these kinds of things describe you or your inner thoughts??…
– Are you easily offended?
– Do you receive offense sometimes when none was intended because you assumed that ‘so and so’ was judging or being critical of you in an unfair way?
– Are you quick to receive rejection?
– Do you feel like no one likes or notices you?
– Do you ask yourself ‘Does anyone care about me and my needs?’ Am I just being ignored?’
– What can I do to get people to like me and want me?
– Do people accept me?
– Does anyone love, value and respect me??
– Am I all alone? Do I feel all alone? Do I feel lonely?
– Do I feel like I am left to deal with things all by myself?

5. You and I can receive from God’s Word:

Look again at Mephibosheth: the story improved – 2 Samuel 9: 1 – 13

And at Hannah:
She had Samuel, and things changed –
1 Samuel 1: 20 – 23,

Isaiah 62: 4, 5

Psalm 34:18

Psalm 147:3

Luke 4: 18 (Same as Isaiah 61:1)

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One Response to Healing for the Orphan Heart

  1. I read your article today on Healing for the Orphan Heart with great interest and thought it a fit for my new book “My Father, My Son, Healing the Orphan’s Heart with the Father’s love.” I was particularly interested in the scripture references in your article.

    Would you be interested in receiving a copy of the book to review? If you don’t review books directly, maybe we could collaborate on an article for your blog. Some story ideas could include 1) Growing up never knowing your Dad, 2) Helpful approaches to the current fatherless crisis, or 3) Practicle tips on finding hope in one’s life.

    Thanks for considering my book. Just email me back with your address and I’ll get it right off to you and follow-up in a couple of weeks.

    Bruce Brodowski

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