Paint Brush In Hand!

Gallon of White Paint & Handy Brush

The Finished Product

I had an appointment with a paint brush yesterday afternoon.

It was one of those projects you know in your mind you need to do, and you put off a bit, and a bit more, and finally, the weather is perfect, you have the supplies and voila – off you go with it.

As in most painting projects there is lots of prep work of taping around edges, putting down plastic to catch drips, etc.

And then starts the painting.
And with my front porch rails – lots of nooks and crannies, edges, and so on.

But with the help of my wonderful daughter, we got ‘er done only a short time before sunset.

It’s quite a process, but the final product is complete! (at least for a few years) Yeehaw! Sigh!

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3 Responses to Paint Brush In Hand!

  1. Sara says:

    Whew, I’m glad it’s done and over with!

  2. Angela Otero says:

    Yay! Looks very nice. Bet it feels good to have that done.

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