A 2 Raccoon Morning!

Raccoon Link – http://www.freenaturepictures.com/raccoon-pictures.php

I was out in the car on Sunday morning to adjust the temperature at our church building when I saw two raccoons, like this one, along the grassy area on the side of the road, eating something.

They were munching away (probably on something thrown out a car window by a passing motorist).

I went and did my thing and drove back home.
They were still there, munching away. As I slowed the car to take a photo of them, they decided that was too close for their comfort and off they ran into the woods.
I guess their bellies were a bit fuller and they were ready for what lay ahead.

I thank the Lord for our chance encounter.
You never know what kind of critter you might see driving along the country roads…

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2 Responses to A 2 Raccoon Morning!

  1. bowdenblog says:

    Did you get them there dogs out and run the coons : ) Besides seeing the dear lately, we’ve seen 2 grey foxes in the past 2 weeks. Sophie goes crazy. I let her off the leash to chase them, but she hasn’t managed to nab one yet. Oh, by the way, thanks for the link on the pics.

  2. frogsview says:

    The animals probably know that hunting season is starting…

    Tomorrow I’ll let you know what critter I saw this evening. Stay tuned!

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