Stand In the Corner!

Stocks Outside Old Jail, Camden, Co, NC, (Built in 1910, Restored 1986)

To spend time in these stocks would be a humbling (or maybe humiliating) thing.

Many folks have seen the ones in Williamsburg, VA in the colonial area.

This is the view of our local historic site.

Who knows what you had to do (or not do) to earn some time spent in these stocks.

Maybe it was for horse thieves or bank robbers or those who could not pay their debts.

I wouldn’t want to be standing there with people walking by saying negative things about me.

Anyhow, I’m glad my Mom and Dad didn’t have one of these in their posession or I might have well spent some time here.

I’m glad that what I got was pepper on the tongue, or soap in the mouth, or spankings or privileges taken away, or being grounded, or having to stand (or sit) in the corner until I had an attitude re-adjustment.

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2 Responses to Stand In the Corner!

  1. bowdenblog says:

    I remember when you put me in one of those stocks . . . when we visited Williamsburg. I smiled, and you took the picture LOL

  2. Sara says:

    You could’ve left it as “I remember when you put me in one of those stocks…” and not completed the thought. It could’ve made for a dramatic dad story. lol

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