Our Father’s Name, Our Father’s Heart

Hi All,

Here are notes from the 4th of 4 messages I did on the Orphan Heart theme – I encourage you to check out these Bible passages and be blessed as you read them…


The importance and meaning of Names

Do you know the ethnic roots of your last name?

Do you know what your first name means?

A.   Name referred to character and nature –

1. Genesis 17:5,15,16,19 –  Abram and Sarai

a. No longer called Abram (exalted father), but Abraham (father of many nations) – going on to verse 7 – God made a covenant with Abraham and said that He would bless him.

b. Sarai shall be called Sarah (both names mean princess)

c. And you and she shall have a son and his name shall be called Isaac (laughter) And Isaac married Rebecca (beauty), and so on and so forth

2.  Genesis 32:28 – No longer called Jacob – means either He who grasps at the heels of another (like he did with his brother Esau) or He (God) is at the heels as my protector, but Israel (Prince With God, God prevails)

3. Genesis 35:18 – Ben Omi – son of my sorrow (name given by Rachel) – Benjamin – son of my right hand (name given by Jacob)

4. The name of the Lord – Exodus 3: 14,15

V14 – God (Elohim) said to Moses I AM that I AM – God declared His covenant name to Moses

V15 – The Lord (Yahweh) –  The name means that God always has and always will be in existence. By this name, He also declared His relationship to His people. He was the God who made eternal covenant. Repeating His name emphasized the prime importance of His Name.

5.  The Lord bless you & keep you – Numbers 6: 22 – 27 – You shall put my name on my people.

6. Remember God’s nature (wrapped up in His name) – Deuteronomy 7:9 – the covenant keeping God, full of lovingkindness (loyal love, covenant loyalty) and mercy (chesed).

7. And you shall call His name ‘Jesus’ – Luke 1:31 (meaning – God, YHWH is salvation, same meaning as the name Joshua)

8. Jesus changed the names of some of His disciples – Mark 3:16,17

Simon’s new name was Peter (stone or rock).

James and John were now Sons of Thunder

9. Ask anything in My Name – John 16:23,24 –

10. Revelation 14:1 – His Father’s Name on His forehead.

11. Since we belong to Him and bear His name as His children, we have certain responsibilities –  2 Chronicles 7:14

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