Fall In The Swamp!

The View To The Southeast

The View to the Southwest

Don’t really fall in.
That would not be a pleasant experience.
Especially if you fell into one of those canals filled with green grimey looking water.

But, seriously, if you read my phrase in a different way you would understand that when I said ‘fall’, I was talking about the illustrious season of ‘autumn’.

Now that we have that resolved, here are a couple of photos of Camden Point, NC, which fronts on the Albemarle Sound.
I took these while on a bicycle ride the other afternoon.

Some of the best crabs on the east coast come from these waters.
Just a few miles south of this spot are some very productive crab businesses.

And, about 10 miles due east of this spot is the ocean.

Are there fall colors in the swamp, you may ask??
Take a close look at the cypress tree and you will notice that it’s leaves/needles have turned orangeish-brown.
Plus the marsh grass is now brown.

Were you expecting dense forests of bright oranges and yellow?
Well, if so, you need to go a couple of hundred miles inland.

This however is fall in the sawmp!

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One Response to Fall In The Swamp!

  1. Eileen says:

    I love fall in the swamp too 🙂 There’s a tree in a yard down on Main Street in ECity this year that looks like someone had it shipped in from up North. It’s stunning!

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