Somebody’s 2 Cents Worth!

You never what you’re gonna see on a bicycle ride around the county in the early evening.

Sometimes it’s bald eagles and osprey.

Tonite it was signs with political messages and farmers using heavy farm equipment to harvest soy beans.

Somebody had a strong enough opinion that they put it on a painted wooden sign board at a prominent traffic corner and wanted the passers by to see it.

Nothing against rednecks but alot of other folks pay taxes and vote also, like me, for example.

I’m glad that somebody took a stand and represented a particular group of voters and said something.

Sometimes at election season, people express no opinion and voice no preferences.

After all, aren’t the 3 off limits topics – religion, politics and sex?

I suppose you could have election signs that substitute other interest groups in the ‘redneck’ block – like Chocolate Chip Cookie Eaters, or Redskin Fans or Home Owners. Well you get the point.

Here I go with my 2nd ‘get out and vote’ message of the day.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this sign when I saw it.

Well I vote too, and I hope a whole lot of folks get out there tomorrow and also vote!

So there’s your 2 cents worth!

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