An Army Brat With An Attitude…

An attitude of appreciation, of thanks, of respect, of support!

On this Veteran’s Day, I send out a loud and resounding cheer to all the Veterans and to all the Active Duty Military Folks I know.  Thanks for bearing arms, for being courageous, for taking the hit, for defending our country and freedom!  I hope you are doing something today to enjoy this holiday that honors you.

And closer to home, I say thanks to My Dad, the US Army Veteran who served the USA for 30 years. Thanks for what you did to protect and defend me and our country in Germany, Oklahoma, California, Iran, New Mexico, Kansas, Virginia, Washington DC, Viet Nam, Rhode Island, and Greece.

And thanks Dad for giving me the opportunity to be a world traveler, to see places all across the ‘fruited plain’ in the USA as well as unforgetable sights across Europe and the Middle East!

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