In Your Face!

This ole giraffe was pacing up and down, back and forth, probably looking for food, not getting any treats.

When we talk about someone being ‘in your face’, we usually mean that they were up a little too close (in your personal bubble), probably upset about something, talking to you frankly in a way you probably don’t want to hear.

When Jesus taught the people, he used the phrase, ‘let him who has ears listen’. Everyone listening to Him had ears, so everyone qualified. He wanted them to stop talking and listen to what He had to say.

It’s kind of like a coach of a sports team who says, ‘Listen Up People, I need to tell you something!’  That has an amazing way of quieting people down and getting their undivided attention.

My giraffe friend certainly had my attention, and was in my face, but I think his important message was, ‘looking for treats – any takers?’

I did not cooperate. I walked on…

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