Zebra Party…

Zebra At The Norfolk Zoo

 Another Friendly (?)  Zebra

The first one above was in my camera’s view finder a few days ago.

The one below, well you can figure it out.

On Monday evening I settled into my chair and watched with disbelief at the first Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive play.

Michael Vick, the Eagles’ QB threw a perfect pass to Eagles Receiver, DeSean Jackson. Jackson made a great catch, and as he got his balance, almost ran into a zebra (official). He  then took off for the end zone and a touchdown.

What a good night for the Eagles. What a horrible night for the Redskins. And of course to add insult to injury, the loss was on national TV.

Come on Redskins, get it together! I’m not sure whether you showed up to play the other night. Please don’t make the rest of the season so painful for this fan.

Atleast this fan has other fine teams to root for also: the Colts, anyone who plays New England, and anyone who plays Dallas!

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One Response to Zebra Party…

  1. bowdenblog says:

    Those skins have been having a long string of bad years!

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