3 Out Of 5

That’s 3 out of 5 doggies – We just loaded ’em up in the car for the drive over the river and through the woods for our Thanksgiving feast.

All together there were 5 of them, and 7 people.

Good phrases to describe the dog’s weekend would be: Organized chaos, let’s all play fetch, I want the bone, Let’s go for a walk, and ah, dinnertime!

And, oh by the way, the 7 people had a wonderful time together as well…

We love our pooches!

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2 Responses to 3 Out Of 5

  1. Anne Bowden says:

    It sounds like family gathered at your place in Camden. Is that right? We were in the mountains at Bryce Mt. w/ our good friends.

    • frogsview says:

      We went to Louisburg on Thurs to be with A & HJ. Then B&B came back with us on Sat and then left Sun. Had a great time.

      I hope your times in the mtns was also good..

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