Bed Check..

Just imagine the mode that the shepherds were in after they got the amazing news from the angels that Jesus had been born and was in nearby Bethlehem.

They must have left one of the shepherds with the sheep while all the others went off to find the baby.

‘Swaddling cloths, lying in a manger, keep that in mind’, they must have been thinking.

They must have gone from house to house, stable to stable looking and asking and seeking and knocking. They probably got some responses of  ‘No we don’t have a baby here, and not that one’ as they wound their way through the town and vicinity looking for the baby that met the 2 clues they were given. Checking beds and not finding the right one.

‘Will we ever find Him?’, they must have wondered.  Maybe they even split up into pairs as they combed the Bethlehem surroundings looking for baby Jesus.

What a joy it must have been when they finally knocked on the door, or stumbled into the place where Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus were. Finally, here they are. Mystery solved.

Their shepherd skills had paid off. Just like they had to track down lost sheep and take them back to the safety of the flock, now they found little Jesus. They didn’t have to take Him anywhere. They simply had solved the puzzle and found Him!

They must have just stood or sat and gotten acquainted with Mary and Joseph while gazing at the handsome little baby that Mary held. They probably didn’t ask for a turn to hold Him. They were just content to find Him.

‘Wow, they must have been thinking, what the angel told us was true! Here He is, the Savior!’

Bed check, baby found, promises kept, great joy, wonderful fulfillment.

After minutes or hours of being there, I imagine the shepherds were eager to tell someone about what they had seen and heard. Evangelist shepherds, heading back to their flock, probably filling in their shepherd buddy who must have had watch duty while they trekked around Bethlehem in hot pursuit.

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