Unbridled Excitement…

Riding in the car. That’s how my dogs define it.

All I have to do is to say the words, ‘ride in the car’, in a particular tone of voice, and the 3 of them are dancing, barking and ready to go.  They love to sit on the seats and watch the world go by as we roll down the highway.

Here you see Hershey, our Boston Terrier enjoying the view and riding ‘shotgun’.

I know that there are things that also make me very excited (in a good way). Things like one of my kids getting married or having a baby. Wonderful things. Things that cause unbridled excitement…

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3 Responses to Unbridled Excitement…

  1. Sara says:

    Hey, I know where you are.. you were waiting for me! The story of your life this week. you’re the best, dad!

  2. Eileen says:

    That’s a good lookin’ dog! Take my dog in the car every chance I get. She loves it…especially if she gets to stick her snout out the window! 🙂

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