So How Was Your Bike Ride Today?

Short Answer – It was fine, thanks for asking..

Detailed answer – Well it was a good ride. The air temp during ride was 45 – 55 degrees. Oh yes there was some wind. It was mostly a headwind of 20 mph. We rode a distance of 35 miles. There were 7 riders. Most of them were in their 50s and 60s, with the exception of one who was in his 30s.

What were the roads like that you rode on? Well we rode on in town roads, 2 lane high trafficked country roads (nice smooth surfaces), 2 lane country roads (rough surfaces), and 4 lane roads (smooth and high trafficked).

What kind of scenery did you have? Well we rode past homes (detached and part of subdivisions), trailers, ditches, fences, fields with winter wheat, fields with nothing planted, fields with cabbage, swamps, coastal creeks, rivers and sounds, church buildings, Coast Guard Base with runways and aircraft, woods, schools.

Did you see any dogs? You betcha. We saw short barky dogs and big barky dogs, some of whom even ran out into road and gave us a good chase.

So how was it overall? Well I got a good workout, got the heart beating a bit faster, muscles exercised. A good time was had!

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