All lined up and ready. I imagine that when they were actually in use many years ago, they and the wagons they sat on were not so tidy.

These cannons are along one of the water front streets  in Edenton, North Carolina. Twas a beautiful spring afternoon when this was taken. You’d never know that the night before a strong storm system came across this part of NC and brought tornados, rain, lightning and a mess…

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3 Responses to Symmetric…

  1. eileen says:

    A beautiful place to spend time. I have always loved this view!

  2. andy says:

    Did you all have any storm damage or tornadoes?

    • frogsview says:

      We were fine. Just had rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

      It was Bertie Co. that got hit hard with the tornadoes and 11 fatalities. It is the county between Williamston and Edenton along Rt 17..

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