Camden Point Ride…

After I got home from church and lunch out this afternoon, I decided to take a longer bicycle ride.

My destination was the southern tip of the peninsula known as the county we live in.

And so I set out past fields freshly planted with corn, fields with ripe winter wheat swaying in the breeze, past houses, horses, a community center, canals filled with green slime, canals filled with tadpoles, frogs, turtles, fish. I also rode past large crab processing centers.

I saw egrets, herons, sea gulls, redwing blackbirds.

I was chased by 2 pretty ferocious looking pitbull dogs. I rode with a headwind as I headed south and a tailwind out of the southeast as I returned.

But all in all it was a refreshing ride, an opportunity to get out in God’s creation, to reflect and enjoy the beauty of nature.

What more could I ask for? Actually nothing me thinks.

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