Day lillies like these were seen along the bicycle ride I took on Saturday late afternoon.

Queen Anne’s Lace also seen along the route I was riding.

In addition to these two kinds of wildflowers, corn was growing. Much of it is ‘knee high’ or ‘waist high’, depending on the field it is growing in. There are also many fields of golden wheat swaying in the breeze, ready to be harvested. Thank God for the beauty and the abundance of His creation.


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3 Responses to Wildflowers…

  1. We have some day lillies in our yard. Indeed, praise the Lord for his creativity in each flower petal.

    • frogsview says:

      They are in our area in abundance – in various places – ditches next to corn fields, next to woods, but whereever they are, they are pretty for sure!

  2. bowdenblog says:

    We’ve been seeing queen anne’s lace here too

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