Honoring My Father Inlaw…

Say hello to my father-in-law, Jim Rasmussen! He is quite a guy. He is the father of my wife, one of the grandfathers of my kids, and now he is a great grandfather too!

Jim and I go back aways. We first met in 1979 I believe when I first started dating his daughter. I asked him for her hand in marriage in late 1979 and he walked my bride down the aisle in the summer of 1980.

He worked hard at his career as a scientist with the government. He worked hard at being faithful at his calling as a pastor and elder in his church. He has been a good and faithful husband to my mother-in-law.

He and I have always shared a love for chocolate and sweets. We have cooked many a burger together, hidden Easter eggs for my kids to find, visited family in Florida together, shared vacations together, and well the list goes on.

I have always known that he prayed for me, and our family. I know that though his current state is weakened, that at the time of the Lord’s choosing, he will step into the glory of heaven a changed man, complete in all his facilties, and of full and sound mind.

On this Father’s Day, I honor my father-in-law. He is one of my heros!

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2 Responses to Honoring My Father Inlaw…

  1. eileen says:

    Very nice way to honor the men who have influenced you on your journey!

  2. He’s one of my heroes too!

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