Fireworks – 2011…

Rain was falling at our home at the time we were ready to walk out the door for the local fireworks show.

We went anyhow, and by the time we got to our parking spot the rain had stopped and was holding off.

So we walked over to the wide unused extra section of asphalt at the side of the road and parked ourselves on our new beach chairs, between a minivan and a pickup truck. Our view of the part of the river where the fireworks were to shoot off however was perfect.

And so we waited and waited – until after 9 p.m. The longer we waited the heavier the rain fell. Finally we decided to head to the car. Plus it appeared that the water police boats were turning away the other boats from the viewing area. We figured the fireworks were canceled.

We got back to our car, started out the parking lot, and just as we did, the first boom and light show of fireworks went off overhead. We quickly re-parked the car, got out with umbrella in hand (thankfully), stood under it watching the 20 minute show.

Quite a show it was – with bursting colors blazing overhead. We saw greens and reds, whites and blues, purples and greens, sizzlers, streamers, and booms.  A good show indeed. The first time I’ve ever stood under an umbrella watching a 4th of July show.

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One Response to Fireworks – 2011…

  1. Hannah-Joy says:

    I’m proud of mom for going out in the rain- Sara

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