Be Different…

There I was riding my bicycle on a country road in my fair county.

Looking out to the right side of a particular road grew a crop of soy bean plants, fueled by the plentiful rain we received this past week.

Looking out to the left of the same road grew other fields of soy bean plants. But there was something wrong with the picture. There in the middle of the field were corn plants shooting up above the soy beans to their typical height.

What a funny sight. I guess that some corn seeds got mixed in with the soy beans when those fields were planted, and OOPS they sprang up, right where they were planted.

Since the corn was so different from the soy beans, I also thought about what kind of an allegory that it might illustrate.

Here is what I came up with…

Rather than blending in with the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing, why not just be yourself, be different?

Be a corn plant among soy beans. Grow, thrive, produce an ear of corn in a field where soy bean pods are growing.

To me part of the message is: don’t be afraid to take a stand. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have an opinion about something.

Don’t just blend in with everyone else. Be you, be different.


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