Good ole Donkeys…

Say hello to another four-legged critter in the same field as the one in the previous blog entry.

This little donkey came up to the fence and seemed curious about what I was doing. He posed real nicely so I snapped his photo.

As I was standing there watching him I remembered some donkeys in my past…

There was the Donkey basketball game in the spring of 1973 sponsored by the Key Club at my high school. The players in the game rode the donkeys and dribbled the ball as they trotted up and down the basketball court. Then in order to take a shot at the basket, they had to be sitting on the donkey.

And then a year later in 1974 when I lived outside Athens, Greece, there was an old man and his donkey that slowly passed our home each morning on their way down the mountain towards the town. The donkey pulled a cart that contained odds and ends that the old man moved back and forth.   

Plus there were donkeys in the Bible that had special jobs.

  1. There was the animal ridden by Nehemiah when he inspected the broken down walls of Jerusalem. We are not told what kind of animal he rode, but I am guessing a donkey. That story can be found in Nehemiah 2: 11 – 16.  
  2. And then there was Balaam, whose donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road and stopped. Each time Balaam struck the donkey. Finally the donkey spoke to Balaam and asked him why he struck him those 3 times. Another interesting story. It can be found in Numbers 22: 20 – 36
  3. Plus there was the famous trip made by Joseph and his very pregnant wife Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. We are not told that Mary rode on an animal, but we can surely guess. And we can guess that there may have been a donkey or two present near the manger where Jesus was born. This story can be found in Luke 2: 4 – 7.
  4. Finally, there was the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday. Matthew 21: 1 – 11 tells us that Jesus rode on a donkey accompanied by its colt.


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