We Have Trained Our Birds…

To come to the feeders on our deck off and on through out the day.

Friday evening, the last hurricane prep I did was to take both bird feeders down so that they did not blow down with the high winds.

Saturday morning and early afternoon before the hurricane got here, my cardinal and dove friends came to the deck several times and must have been very perplexed. Their beloved feeder was not there. They must have wondered where it went.  The feeders are always here, this is the right house. We didn’t land at the wrong place.

So during the worst of the storm the birds must have been huddling together somewhere clinging tightly to branches in nearby trees.

This morning they wasted no time in coming by looking again for the feeders. I noticed this and got the braces and feeders out first thing.

Within minutes the birds flocked to the feeders and ate enthusiastically. The doves and cardinals went to theirs. The hummingbirds went to theirs. The normal territorial chasing took place. Everything was back to normal.

So I guess you could say we have a fan club, a following. We are one of the popular houses on the block.

Glad they are okay, glad that they come and eat at our deck feeders. Their presence is a source of daily pleasure and enjoyment for us.

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