3 Dogs, A Tennis Ball and A Couple of Fellers…

That would describe our almost nightly routine before dinner.

My dogs know that I will take them out in the back yard and throw the tennis ball. Enthusiastic is a tame term for their response when we go out in the yard. They chase the ball at a full gallop and love to be the first one to get it and bring it back to me.

Add to that picture an almost 2 year old grandson who loves to be out in the yard with us at that same time. He also loves to get the ball and throw it, to me, to the dogs, and to just wing it as far as he can. More than once he has been bumped around as the doggies go a chasin, and he happens to be in or near their path.  

He loves it when he wings it across the yard or even just a few feet and the dogs scramble to be the first one to get it. He lets out a giggle that lasts 5 – 10 seconds. It is so funny to watch and listen to.

After about 10 minutes of feverish throwing, chasing and retrieving, the dogs resort to grass eating and he resorts to climbing on the canoe in the yard and other things catch his attention.

Now it’s time for dinner. First things first though!

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