‘Get Motivated! Business Seminar – 3 More Speakers’

Yesterday I shared notes I had taken from Colin Powell, Laura Bush and Rudy Giuliani.

Today, note from: Howard Putnam – Former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Rick Belluzzo – Former President and CEO of Microsoft, now CEO of Quantum, and Mary Buffett – Daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett and author of the book, ‘Buffettology’

Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines

 ‘Turbulence is inevitable, misery is optional’

 The value of preparation. When the time to perform arrives, the time to plan has passed.

Guidelines for leaders of a company:

–      Honesty and integrity

–      Build Trust

–      Passion to hire and keep good people

–      Authenticity

–      Be a Great Listener

–      Be a Continuous Learner

–      Be technology savvy

–      Take some risks

–      Pay attention to the small stuff

–      Balance your home and work life

–      Have a set of personal priorities and keep them before you – the picture he used was a propeller with 5 blades. Each of your priorities is one of the blades.   

Rick Belluzzo – Former President and CEO of Microsoft, now CEO of Quantum

Change and upheaval will be a fact of life in today’s business climate.

Have the belief that times of disruption are where opportunity exists.

Make yourself more useful and valuable.

Never let yourself be a victim. It is a journey – learn from your mistakes.

5 Lessons:

–      Strive to make a difference. – live in the present.

–      Be willing to take on challenges and do tough things.

–      Be self-aware and open to feedback – be an active listener – don’t be oblivious.

–      Perseverance can pay off.

–      Always maintain integrity. Do the right thing. Treat people with respect. You build this along the way, step by step.

Remember the words of Dave Packard, one of the founders of HP:

‘Be hard headed but soft hearted.’

Get results and keep people in the process.

Conclusion – The times are unprecedented. Build your personal value.

Mary Buffett – Daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett and author of the book, ‘Buffettology’ 

Warren Buffett’s Rules…

  1. Never Lose Money
  2. Remember Rule #1

 It’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of it.

 There is high value in having a durable competitive advantage. There is also high value in having branded recognizable products and brand recognition. (e.g. Please pass me a Kleenex (tissue) and a Q-tip (ear swab).

 Invest in yourself.

 Buy American products and support the spirit and ingenuity of Americans.

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