‘Get Motivated!’ Thoughts from Lou Holtz and Terry Bradshaw…

Ok so today I’m sharing notes I took on talks given by the football coach and quarterback…

Lou Holtz, former coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Principles for Living

  • You have to have a vision of where you want to go.
    • You are either growing or dying
    • Your attitude is important
    • You are going to get knocked down – get up!
    • What is your attitude when people speak negatively about you? (In his case he told us about the time when someone asked him the difference between Notre Dame and Cheerios. The answer they gave was that one belonged in a bowl and the other didn’t. Ouch! It was a put down directed at Notre Dame.
    • You determine your own attitude. Don’t let anyone else determine your attitude.
  • Focus on your purpose – keep it simple!
  • Make good choices
    • Do the right thing
    • Don’t be bitter when people attack you.
    • Do everything to the best of your ability.
    • Show people you care. A kind word, a smile, treat people the right way, with respect.
  • The basic questions that people ask themselves when they meet you.
    • Can I trust you?
    • Are you committed to excellence?
    • Do you care about me?
    • Summary of these – trust, commitment, care
  • When working with people never attack the performer, attack the performance. 

Terry Bradshaw – former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers

He said he made his living putting his hands under another man’s rear end. (He was a quarterback. The center hiked the ball to him.)

–      It’s all about attitude

  • Be happy and put a smile on your face!

–      Take the initiative.

–      Enjoy the simple things of life – your family, parents & children.

–      Appreciate what you have and show gratitude to people.

–      When possible, put people in a position to excel!

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