Pigskin Problems…

Today in the NFL world, my teams have taken a beating. One got beat this afternoon (Carolina Panthers beat Washington Redskins). The other team is currently getting beat (New Orleans is beating Indy).

Ugh. When you throw interceptions or fumble the ball and it is recovered by the other team, you cannot expect to win football games.

Plus when you have 3 downs and a punt over and over again, you make no forward offensive progress. And then there is the problem of winning if most of your offensive punch involves kicking field goals and not scoring touchdowns.

Sigh…Oh well, I live in hope for next week and hope that my teams really show up and play some good football.

Pigskin problems.



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One Response to Pigskin Problems…

  1. bowdenblog says:

    as we skin fans have said for so many years . . . maybe next year

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