On A Mission…












So there we were on a warm and sunny morning wandering amongst the Douglas Fir trees at the garden center of a certain home improvement store. The sun was shining, the temperature was pleasant, the trees were fresh and we were in hunter-gatherer mode looking for the perfect Christmas Tree.

The one above almost got chosen. However, the one below beat it out by a few points in the family opinion poll.

My wonderful daughters sized this one up and found it to pass the test, and therefore it was the one picked for the ride home and the place of prominence in the living room.















Oh and look, a couple of precious young ladies also came along for the ride. They were bundled up for good measure in case our hunt took longer than expected. They were cooperative bundles and made their way back to their car seats and got more of a nap.

Finding our Christmas tree has become a fun family outing on the day after Thanksgiving. Whilest all the rest of the population is out wrestling as much as they can into a shopping cart in some mall, we were out wrestling a tree into the back of the car for its ride to our home. 


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