Jesus On Time…

Jesus –

–      He has not changed.

–      He hasn’t lost His ‘zing’ just because it’s been 2000 years since He rose again from the dead and ascended to heaven.

–      He is just as powerful, just as wise, just as compassionate, is able to heal just as much, just as able to draw hearts to repentance, just as able to set the captives free, just as full of grace!

–      He has been actively involved in the ‘time’ – the days, hours, minutes of our lives and of the many who have gone before us. Let’s look at this in more detail…

 Jesus – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever – Heb 13:8 – His grace will always be available to everyone who puts their trust in Him.


  1. He was very involved in the lives of the people of the Old Testament. Here is an example.  Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord (likely Jesus) – who touched the sinew of his hip, and gave him the new name Israel. – Genesis 32: 24 – end of chap
    • Likely the Man that Jacob wrestled with was Jesus.
    • Jacob struggled his whole life. Now he struggled as he wrestled this Man.
    • V25 – The Man could not turn Jacob away from the wrestling, even though He could have easily defeated him.
    • God’s touch caused pain in Jacob’s life, but Jacob did not let go of him.
    • V28 – Jacob’s name changed to Israel (Prince with God).
    • Jacob’s experience permanently changed him – he walked with a limp.
    • Jesus cared enough to appear and to wrestle with Jacob. He let Jacob win and changed both Jacob’s name and heart. Jacob realized that he had seen and felt the imprint of God.

 2.  The official’s son was healed ‘about this time yesterday’ – John 4: 46 – 54

    • V46 – The nobleman, a royal officer who served King Herod.
    • V49 -Future tense – come to my house.
    • V51 – Present tense, about what happened in the past – your son lives.
    • V52 – Yesterday the 7th hour (1 pm for us)
    • V53 – The man and his whole household believed in Jesus.
    • Jesus cared enough to step into the life of this man and his child (likely Gentiles). He intervened in the life of this child while the man was with Jesus. Once the man arrived home, the miracle was confirmed by his staff. It happened yesterday at 1 p.m. The man’s whole house came to the Lord!  

 3.   6 “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” Romans 5:6(NIV)

    • God’s timing is perfect. He loved us and sent Jesus to be our savior at just the right time to show that it was nothing we did to earn our salvation. It was ONLY His powerful acts for us.

Stop and think about the many ways that the Lord was involved in ‘your past’ and in ‘your daily life’ since you received Him. Think of the ‘coincidences’ as we like to call them where He drew you before you received Him. Thank God for His patient moving, drawing and convicting. 


1.  If then God so clothes the grass which today (this very day) is – Luke 12:28

  • God cares enough to provide beauty to the parts of His creation that have a short life – life field grass and wildflowers.
  • Flowers in the field today and gone tomorrow (as the morning breeze blows and the field changes).
  • How much more will God clothe and take care of you. He not only kept your heart beating and lungs breathing whilst you were asleep. We are the apples of His eye. We are His kids and he loves us more than we can imagine.

 2. Give us this day our daily bread – Matt 6:11

    • God, please take care of today’s needs today, not tomorrow’s or yesterdays, but today’s.
    • We are reminded of the manna that God provided for His people as they wandered in the wilderness.

 3. Today you shall be with me in paradise – Luke 23:43

    • Not tomorrow, not maybe, not someday, but today!
    • Jesus took the other mocking criminal up on his words and saved the criminal who asked Jesus for help.
    • A deathbed conversion yes. What a great savior!

 4. Encourage one another as long as it is called today (this very day) – Heb 3:13

    • The letter was written to Christians who were thinking about ‘throwing in the towel’ and giving up on their faith.
    • Why is ‘today’ so important? Well He has given us a mission and today is the only sure day we have to accomplish it. Yesterday is past and we have no guarantee that we will be here tomorrow.
    • Until the Lord comes for us there will always be a day called today. We need to encourage one another to hang in there, to press on, and run hard for Jesus!

How is your walk with the Lord, today? Are you growing or at a stand still? Do you know anyone who had a deathbed conversion?


  1. Don’t worry about tomorrow, tomorrow has enough worries of its own –
    • Matt 6:33,34

                                        i.    Seek the first things first and God will take care of all these things (clothing, food and shelter).

                                       ii.    The Message translation puts it this way: “Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. 34“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.”

                                     iii.    If you get into the habit of putting Him first in your life today, then it is likely that when tomorrow gets here that you will do the same with it. Our Christian life is a daily surrender and walk.

  • b.  James 4: 13,14

                             i.    Making plans and committing them to the Lord is a good thing. Leaving God out of your plans and doing your own thing is not wise!

What are your fears and anxieties about tomorrow? Do you work at laying down your cares, doing the responsible thing, without striving? Are you being diligent to faithfully do today what He has given you to do?


  1. If anyone eats of this bread he shall live forever (for eternity) – John 6:49 – 51
    • The Manna was daily provision and did not sustain life endlessly. Most of those who ate it died in the wilderness.
    • If we eat Jesus’ living bread then we will live forever!

 2. He shall reign forever and Ever – Rev 4:9,10

    • To Him who lives forever (unbroken eternity)!
    • Shout it!
    • Abundant life starts right now. With Jesus living in your life, once you step into eternity, you will live with Him forever!
    • I look forward to spending eternity with the Lord & His people.

 Jesus is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever! He was very involved, is very involved, will be very involved in our lives forever! Praise Him!

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