Cycling on a December Saturday…

Put together a Fuji bicycle, a man dressed in under armor weather resistant clothing, an air temperature of 49 degree, winds of 8 – 16 mph out of the North, a 200 pound feller, 35 miles on the country roads of Camden County, North Carolina, a Saturday afternoon and what do you get??

Me, yesterday out on my bicycle ‘getting a ride in’ before the sun went down and the rest of the busy evening took over.

Twas a good workout, and especially when I had that tail wind out of the north at my back or sides pushing me along.

What also helped me was the Shaklee hydration (orange flavored) drink that I sipped on throughout my ride. It is like Gatorade or Vita C, only better tasting and better for you.

Once I finally got home from my ride it felt good to walk into my warm, inviting home.

Along the ride I saw tan fields that had been harvested. I also saw fields of green winter wheat growing and blowing in the breeze. An occasional hawk or buzzard flew overhead. I didn’t see any hunters out with their blaze orange hats, dogs or rifles. I had on my blaze orange vest so I would not be confused from a distance with a deer running across a field.

Such are the rides on the roads of Camden Co in the month of December.


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