Right this way sir, please have a seat here.

As I sat back in the patient chair at the dentist’s office, I was helped by the staff.

The kind dental assistant put a piece of something into my mouth to make an imprint for the crown that will be made. After biting down on it, she pulled it out.

Then in came the dentist with his shot, needle and Novocain. He gave me 2 shots, one in the front and one on the backside of my upper right jaw.

I then sat and waited and chatted with the dental assistant as my jaw became numb.

Once I was sufficiently numb, the dentist and dental assistant were ready to work on me.

The dentist used his tools to sand off the sides of my tooth and create a pedestal on which the crown would sit. After what seemed like 10 – 15 minutes of this, they were satisfied that my tooth had been sufficiently prepared.

Then some sort of a spray was put on my tooth and gum that apparently was an anti-bacterial agent and helped prepare the tooth and gum for the temporary crown.

Then the dental assistant put another piece of something in my mouth, to make an imprint of my just sanded and prepped tooth, for the underside of the crown.

Next step was the correct sizing of the temporary crown on my tooth and the correct color for the porcelain-metal permanent crown that I will receive in 2 weeks.

Finally, after a few tries at sizing the temporary crown and getting to mesh right in a bite with my bottom teeth, the dental assistant was satisfied that it fit correctly.

She applied the temporary cement to the inside of the temporary crown, slid it onto my tooth, inserted a bite down object for me to bite onto, and down I clamped for a few minutes to lock it in for 2 weeks.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I rinsed my mouth, paid my portion for the day at the front desk, and walked out the front door, to return in 2 weeks for my crown.

These musings and remembrances were only my accounts, my impressions, and alas my mouth. They are in no way an official account of work done by dental professionals, nor should be construed as a fully accurate step by step of the crown prep process.

My mouth was a hub of activity for an hour or so this afternoon. My hat is off to my dentist and dental assistant and the many dental professionals who spend their work weeks in a space no larger than a carry out box of rice from a Chinese restaurant.

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2 Responses to Crowned!

  1. Kathryn says:

    yea, I had this done too! and of course, I had no dental insurance, it was quite pricey! i also had to have a root canal done first, yikes! had to put it on the credit card! outrageous!

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