Let’s play Settlers of Catan!

We’ll build settlements and roads.

We’ll trade sheep, brick, lumber, ore and wheat.

Then building more roads and cities.

And on top of that, let’s add a Seafarer’s Expansion Pack and send off settlers to new islands, to see out gold treasure, all the while facing the risk of being attacked by pirates.

There will be decisions to make, resources to trade, skill, chance and tenacity involved. All of these are part of the game.

Our family played the game this afternoon. We have had the base Catan game for over a year, but were just given the Seafarer’s expansion game last month.

A good time was had amid all the buying, selling and sea expansion.  And in the long run we had a winner!

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2 Responses to Let’s play Settlers of Catan!

  1. Shiver-me-timbers that sounds like fun matey! Arrr, we’ll have to play it next time we visit.

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