2 Notable Disciples…

I’m sharing some notes from a sermon I gave in April, 2012. Be blessed!

  1. Focusing on 2 Notable saints
    a. Luke 23: 50 – 56

V50 – The Council (Sanhedrin) consisted of approximately 70 Jewish leaders.

v51 – Joseph did not consent to their decision to condemn Jesus

b. Matt 27:57 says that Joseph had become a disciple of Jesus and that he was rich. That comment in itself was a fulfillment of a prophesy in Isaiah 53:9 which says that ‘He made his grave with the rich.’

c. Matt 27:59 says that the tomb was his, which he had hewn out of the rock.

d. Mark 15: 42 – 47 – Joseph

V42 – Preparation day (Friday)

V43 – Joseph a prominent member of the Council

  • He ‘gathered up courage’, went in before Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus. Also see John 19:38 for the same. For him to ask for the body of Jesus was an act of bravery because it would publicly identify that He was a follower of Jesus and opposed to the decision made by the Sanhedrin.
  • The Amplified version says in V43 that Joseph ‘was daring the consequences took courage’. Joseph knew what would happen by doing this. He would be an outcast in the eyes of the others on the Sanhedrin. He would be rejected and an outcast. But he was willing and he was willing to do what he did.

V46 – Joseph bought a linen (nice) cloth and laid Jesus in the tomb – Joseph did the right thing! Assisted by Nicodemus (John 19:39), Joseph wrapped Jesus’ body in the linen along with 100 pounds of a resin like substance of myrrh and aloe. The stone across the doorway may have been no bigger than 4 feet diameter since tomb openings were not as tall as doorways.

e. John 19: 39 – 42 tells us that Nicodemus also joined Joseph and helped prepare the body of Jesus for burial in the tomb. Nicodemus also took courage by doing this and identified himself as a follower of Jesus. Plus it sounds like he helped purchase the myrrh and burial ointment. It cost him something to follow Jesus.

f. As far as the issue of whether Joseph was fearful (in not having more of a strong public acknowledgement of following Jesus) or courageous, keep the following in mind…

g. Judas had betrayed Jesus, Peter had denied Him. All the other disciples had fled. Only Mary the mother of James, Mary Magdalene and the mother of the sons of Zebedee (James and John) were still following & keeping track of what was going on at the tomb. In the midst of that Joseph (a secret disciple) stepped up, took courage, stuck his neck out, and buried Jesus’ body in his own tomb. It cost him something to bury Jesus.

h. You might also be interested in knowing some of the legends associated with Joseph. It is said that he was Mary’s uncle and Jesus’ great uncle, owned tin mines, took ships to France and Britain to do commerce in tin, that he carried the chalice that contained blood and sweat that Jesus shed when He died, that this was the holy grail/chalice that was supposed buried at a spot in Britain, that he was also part of the King Arthur, Lancelot legend, and that He started the first church in Britain.

2.  Others who ‘took courage’ and were filled with boldness after the resurrection of Jesus.

  1. a. Peter – Acts 4:13
    b. Stephen – Acts 6: 8,9
    c. Paul & Barnabas – Acts 9:27,28, Acts 13:46
    d. Apollos – Acts 18:26
    e. Paul to Timothy – 2 Tim 2:1

**Read 3 current stories of those who are taking courage, are bold and strong – Iran, Colombia, Laos.**

  1. What about you and me?We need to be led by the Spirit to rise us and take courage in our lives. What are things that God is nudging you to do that you have been holding back on?
    1. Words spoken to unbelievers,
    2. Taking a stand for Christ when it may be unpopular or you may be criticized
    3. Showing love in your actions when it seems more natural to ream someone out or to ‘diss’ them.
    4. Outreach – taking the initiative to talk to people about your faith, the difference that Jesus has made in your life.
    5. Lifestyle choices – your demonstrated priorities – I am not talking about politics here, but rather how you spend your time and money, what is right and wrong – regarding marriage, money, abortion, gay marriage, Islam, family, church, the Bible, salvation in Christ, work. Standing up with conviction about what is important to you.
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