Duck Duck Goose…

That good old children’s game that so many of us played.

I loved the way the sunlight highlighted the feathers on these Mallard Ducks. They were standing next to the pond by the Whalehead Club in Corolla, NC.

And then there were the Canadian Geese, watching their goslings as they ate grass and played with their brothers and sisters.

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4 Responses to Duck Duck Goose…

  1. Great shots! I love watching geese…unless they’ve woken up on the wrong side of the water and decide to chase you. 😉

    • frogsview says:

      Thanks so much! That’s so true about geese, plus shall we say their droppings. I used to live in a neighborhood in Virginia where you had to step carefully on walkways, as the geese also lived there year round..

  2. We had a visiting duck show up recently, but there’s some debate about the gender. Could you look my post and tell me your opinion?

    • frogsview says:

      Thanks for reading my blog.

      As far as the gender of the duck, and based on the info presented in the post, I’d have to agree it appears to be a young male.. Cheers!

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